With the month of love fast approaching, along with the excitement comes a load of stress. What gift to buy, what surprise to plan, how to make this year better than the last  and most importantly “WHAT CLOTHES AM I GOING TO WEARRRR?!”

This is one day when you want to look your best and woo your partner. But with all the other preparations, taking out money to find that perfect dress becomes next to impossible. So, let’s take this step by step and try to figure out the most convenient way to turn this into a perfect day.

Mission 1: Shop till you drop

Go online and google for the perfect gift because without that, nothing that you do will matter :p But do spend a good amount of time and try to find the best possible deal in the market so that we can then utilize this budget for the next steps!

Mission 2: Sweeten it up

Personalize the entire experience for your partner and order a custom cake (or cupcakes) to let them know how well you know them. But this is not “a piece of cake” so take out a pen and paper and get to thinking.

Mission 3: Suit up

The last but definitely not the least step! First impressions are last impressions so you need to make sure you look drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe because this is the only way you’ll be able to really nail it! But investing in the first two steps really blows a hole already in your pocket. Wait? Are you thinking of wearing something you wore at an old party? Only if you want your partner to not notice you!! Go pre-loved and get your dream dress while staying in budget! BizB will be your fairy Godmother dressing you up for this big day and get ready to leave your partner mesmerized!

So the secret sauce is out! Let’s see if your partner notices a positive change this year or not 😉

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