For Sarah, like you, me and every other girl “kiya pehnoo’n?” viz. what shall I wear? Is the biggest question of all times. The decision is not an easy one for anyone. Meeting the fashion trends together with the expectations of your friends, family, colleagues and society is out of the question yet it directs and drives your life.

Your gang’s sartorial choice affects yours!

What your friends are wearing will certainly affect your choice of clothes. You would always wish to look part of your squad and not the odd one out, because no one likes to be out-grouped.

Loug Kiya Kahengay?

If you decide to wear an old, oh not old, but just an already worn dress, say at a cousin’s wedding or a friend’s birthday party, everyone seems to be worried about your choice. And this peer pressure of “loug kiya kahengy?” affects you and the choices you make about your dressing. Not only this, but also what your friends think of what you wear, how do they perceive, react and respond to it, will also influence your fashion sense.

We feel under confident and conscious:

Our dressing reflects our identity, which determines our position among people and our confidence is much dependent upon the treatment we, on the basis of our position, get from our peer group. Research has shown that modern women are under constant peer pressure to look good and up-to-date and so, they are conscious too.

The grid and closet rule:

The 3×1 grid of Instagram controls the 6×24 closet in today’s world. The virtual peer pressure, generated by social media, makes a woman unable to wear a dress more than a few times or post photos in the same dress again and again.

Going gaga over shopping:

Peer pressure, either real or virtual, pushes you into getting rid of your used clothes and shopping for newer ones, burdening your wallets and leaving yourself penniless as you get under an unnatural shopping spell from the luxury brands. Have you ever thought of finding a solution to this unnecessary shopping?

Share and wear!

Well, there is a solution to that too, and that is in the form of Biz Bride. is an online marketplace that helps you to choose from a virtual collection having a variety of clothes to revamp your wardrobe by taking out the used and outdated dresses of yours and replacing them with new and up to date clothes, in a very economical manner, with a very little investment, without emptying your pockets, without burdening your wallets and that’s why it says share and wear!

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