We all know every bride has a fairytale fantasy regarding her wedding and the first and foremost thing she thinks about is the dress in which her prince charming would see her and fall in love with her all over again and then take her away into his magical world! Okay hold up sorry I got carried away. So what I was trying to say was that the dress is the most important thing for a bride while starting her preparations and which is why no girl compromises in this regard going all out and spending lakhs of rupees for that perfect fairytale dress.

But what about after she gets married. That fairytale dress then loses all its importance and spends it’s entire life closed up in a closet gathering nothing but dust and some termites. Well what if there was a way that you could have your fairytale dress without having to spend a couple of lakhs on it OR you could rather than turning your dress into anarkali by locking it up help make someone else’s wedding day special and along the way get half the money you spent on your own dress.

Well, both these things are possible now through a new startup by the name of Biz Bride. This startup developed with the idea that why not revamp your wardrobe and share the most precious thing of your life with someone else and why spend all your wedding budget on your dress when you could use it to go to a romantic honeymoon destination.

So now shop for new clothes without cutting a hole in your pocket and you will never have to wear the same clothes more than twice again. This life has much more to offer so take some burden off your wallet and put it to explore new things rather than being indebted at the end of the month because of spontaneous shopping spree you went on from your favorite brand.

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