This story
started from a shop adorned with the best of the best clothes, all competing
and looking their best to find a new home. Every day these clothes would see women
of all ages come in looking for their dream dress in the hopes that they could
be “the one”.

One-day pretty pastel was about to get to rest because the shop was about to close down so she thought to herself “maybe I will never get out of here” and just in that instant she saw a girl standing in front her with sparkles in her eyes who said to her mom excitedly “this is the one mom!” She was absolutely ecstatic that she finally found someone who would wear her and show her off to her friends and family.

The next day pretty pastel dazzled everyone at the wedding with her Swarowski stones and Chantilly lace. Everyone was in awe and pretty pastel could not be happier. She was on top of the world!

After a
great night, pretty pastel’s owner took her off and put her in the closet
nicely hanging her. Pretty pastel was also very tired so she immediately went
to sleep. Next morning came and she saw her owner again who wore her neighbour
peach paradise. Both of them bid each other goodbye and then pretty pastel
waited for her next turn to be worn!

But then days passed by months passed by and then a year went by with pretty pastel locked in the closet and new dresses filling up the closet who became her owner’s new favourites. Pretty pastel started feeling as if she wasn’t pretty enough to be worn and faded away in the swarm of clothes in the closet. She missed that sparkle she saw in her owner’s eyes when she picked her out of the shop the very first time!

Then one day
came when pretty pastel least expected it and her life absolutely changed. Her
owner took her out of the closet and packed her in a box. She could not
understand was happening scared and startled she waited to see where her owner
was taking her. 

After hours
and hours of being locked up, pretty pastel finally felt the box getting
opened, her anxiety at an all-time high! As soon as the box got opened, pretty
pastel saw the same spark that she had seen in her owner’s eyes the first time
in another girl’s eyes! Pretty pastel was so ecstatic that someone saw her with
the same affection again and that she was going to get to make someone else
look fabulous again!

How did all
this happen? Who was the mystery person who brought pretty pastel to her new
home? It was Biz Bride’s trusty rider! And with Biz bride started pretty
pastel’s journey of not only making one or two girls feel special, but she
lived and met 5 new owners before retiring living new experiences every time.

So don’t lock up your clothes and deprive them for all these experiences. Take them out, pack them up and share them on BizB.

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