I have nothing to wear’ – Khala Rukhsana on opening her full wardrobe

Brands are springing up like wild grass. Each brand wants to be unique and give a premium look and feel to its customers. The best way to do that? Get bigger price tags. Wearing a trendy brand sure gives bragging rights but the cost is too high.

Most of the dresses you end up buying simply end up in the wardrobe eating dust. If you already wore a brand-new dress for an event, you wouldn’t wear the same dress for the next event. As a result, that dress, only worn once, stays that way, neglected and eventually forgotten. However, that does not do justice to its price tag.

Let’s consider a fun analogy. Let’s say you’re looking to buy a car. You go to the dealership and the price tags on those new cars are just exorbitant. You find out that even after buying the car, you would have to pay taxes and spend even more money to get the car registered. You look for other possibilities. Eventually, you come to know of someone selling their car. Now here is where you can get a bargain. You still get the car, it may not be brand new, but it will still get the job done. And at a slashed price.

Now let’s get back to dresses.

Sure, it does take a lot of processes to bring dresses to the clothing stores. There is the designer, the fabricator, the tailor, all working step by step to bring a single dress to hang in your favourite brand outlet. But at the end of the day, it is you who ends up taking all that burden. The cost of branding, marketing, tailoring, all is on you. But should it be? Does that really make it worth it?

Almost every product available in the market goes through a similar set of stages before being ready for sale. And that brings us to…

The solution

This is an exciting time. You can get anything you want online, either you want it used or brand new. People buy things both new and old every day. But why can’t it be the same for clothes? If people start trading clothes just like they would exchange their sofas, televisions or literally any other household item, it would make buying clothes much more economical.

The advantage of this is two-fold. First, you can now buy more expensive dresses knowing that once you have worn it you can get some value back when you sell it. Second, you can easily buy a used dress knowing it is from a reputed brand and will be getting it at a great value.

This is where BizB comes in. With BizB you can afford to buy dresses more frequently. Imagine getting a new dress for every event! Imagine opening up your wardrobe and seeing a way to make some space and earn at the same time. You can then shop for a new dress with a peace of mind that you would be getting the value back.

It’s a dream come true…

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