A messy wardrobe is every parent’s nightmare, especially if it belongs to their children. As unfair as it may sound, it simply is what it is. We all get the occasional ultimatums to clean our rooms and manage our clothing that is artfully spread all across our rooms. But it is just how it is. Not everyone understands art.

‘The clothes must go to your wardrobes,’ they say. But what if it is already chocked full of clothes you’re never going to wear again.

Its that time of the year again. Fathers day is just around the corner. And we have an elaborate scheme for you to make not just your Father’s day special, but also your day special.

There are so many small things you can do to make the day memorable and stand out from all the other days. You could start by laughing at dad jokes, watch his favourite sport with him or if you are really willing to go the extra mile, listen to him talk politics.

But trust us, what we are going to tell you about is going to be much less mundane than the ones listed above. You might be wondering what has a wardrobe to do with Father’s day. Well, it has everything to do with Father’s day. Just read and see.

So it all starts with you taking a critical look at the plethora of outfits that you have. Which ones do you really like? Which ones get picked for parties and important events? And which ones get ignored most of the time despite being in good condition.

It happens. You might have made an impulse decision to buy a dress that you never wore, or wore only a handful of times and can’t get yourself to wear it. Single out these dresses and take out your phone. Because its time to find them a new home.

Take their pictures and upload them to the BizB store. As soon as someone likes your dress, you get an order, and it gets picked up. What’s the best part? You earn from selling that dress. Congratulations. Your room is now that much better off. Afterwards, simply store your art pieces where they truly belong, the wardrobe.

And for the final kick, surprise your dad with a trip to your room and show him your neat wardrobe as well. He would probably be pleasantly surprised by how neat your room and clothing has become.

But did you think this was all? Well no. While he is still pleasantly surprised, you pull out the gift for dad you have wrapped and bought with some of what you earned from selling your dress.

And now we are done. This is our plan. Good luck to all of you for its flawless execution. Make some moments! And let us know how you Bizb’ed your wardrobe and how it went in the comments below!

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