A Pakistani wedding isn’t anything less than going into war starting from preparing your ammo i.e. the décor, the dresses, the invites moving to the enemy teams i.e. the bride and groom’s family with disagreements every step of the way and not to mention the endless complaints from the relatives. In between all this a bride has to keep her calm otherwise the zits will be ready to amplify the disaster. So today we will share with you some simple tips and tricks to refrain you from becoming Bridezilla and turning you into Briderella!
Let’s get this party started!
But first, let’s start with having the logistics in place and having a trustworthy team backing you up for delegating your duties.
Always keep a spare set of shoes and dress on your wedding day because you never know how long the dances and rasmain can last. So make sure at every event you have a small bag packed for yourself and your husband (since he is legally your responsibility now!). So if you’re thinking pre-wedding preparation are all that you need to take care of, you are in for a surprise! Through this process and on your wedding day itself, there are many small details and tasks to remember and manoeuvre and it wouldn’t be so smart to try and take it all upon yourself. Release control and let your best friends and cousins take over.
You can never please everyone, so just do you:
This is the biggest hurdle you will face. Starting from your own family to your in-laws and then your friends; everyone will have an opinion as to how you should do your hair, what dress you should wear, what your mehndi and baraat entrance to be like. At this point in time just remember the penguins from Madagascar and “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave!”. The only person allowed to have an opinion at this time is your husband so both of you sit together and make a game plan.
Don’t let the lights blind you
When you start with your shadi preparations, there will be a never-ending list of things you would want but not necessarily need. At this point, go back to the game plan you made with your partner and see what things are of absolute necessity because the only thing that’ll make your shadi perfect is if you and your partner are happy and happiness never comes from excessive things, rather it only takes it away. _
Follow your gut
Now don’t get us wrong. We aren’t asking you to give up on everything that you desire for. We’re just asking for you to make sure the money you spend is on things that really would make you happy rather than on things that are a result of spontaneity.
Put your heart into it, but don’t lose your mind over every little detail.
This was MY biggest challenge. Your heart and style will make the wedding your own, so it’s actually smart to put good thought into your choices. Personally, I was so proud and excited to give the planning process my all and see our wedding become “ours”. I did it first and foremost for us two, and the memory we’ll have of our wedding.
That being said, I spent way too much time moving the text on my wedding invite half an inch to the right or left and consumed so many hours on things only I will know and notice.
Have realistic expectations:
You should make the effort and match your expectations with your wedding suppliers and your partner. Be specific and do not assume they know what’s on your mind. If needed, go the extra mile and create a list of what’s important to you.
Remember what it’s about:
One important thing in all this. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD AND DRIVE YOUR SPOUSE CRAZY! In the midst of all the crazy remember that all this is because you’re in love and want to spend your entire life with that special someone. So make sure you don’t go all crazy on him and in this entire process stay calm and happy because that’s all your guy wants from you at the end of the day.
Try zooming out of your own head every so often, be sensitive to your partner and above all- be kind to everyone because you don’t want to be called Bridezilla for the rest of your life.

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